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Additional Services


InTime has the ability to store certain shipments that the client saw more convenient to pick up after the planned time of delivery.
Warehousing is free of charge for two days after that:

  • shipments under 10 kg cost 2.50 BGN per day;
  • shipments between 10 kg and 50 kg - 10 BGN per day
  • shipments over 50 kg cost 25 BGN.

Processing of recipient address data base

To the clients sending multiple shipments In Tme offers processing of the recipient address data base received from the client in order for successful automatic waybill generation.
0.07 BGN per address

Electronic report of delivery

To the clients sending multiple shipments InTme offers an electronic report of the status of every single shipment.
4.50 BGN per letter or fax

Preparation and composition of shipments

InTime offers preparation and composition of shipments whose reliability and preciseness of delivery have been compromised by the state in which the packages have been handed by the shipper
1 BGN per shipment

Address Correction

In case of an error of the recipients address supplied by the shipper In Time will do the necessary within a sensible amount of time to find the correct address and to deliver the shipment.
A fee of 5.5 BGN per shipment is billed in addition to transportation charges .

Special handling of undeliverable packages

For shipments with freight collect payment of freight charges, or COD shipments, which due to objective reasons (ex. consignee refuses to receive/pay) were not delivered despite the efforts of In Time, a representative of our company will contact the shipper and reach an understanding on the way the shipment is to be handled.
A fee of 5.5 BGN per shipment is billed in addition to transportation charges.

Pallet Preparation

“Pallet Preparation” is a service we offer to customers who hand bulk shipments but want to have them palletized by us. The actual pallet can be provided by the customer or In Time.


  1. For pallets weighing more than 300kg and whose height is between 1.0cm and 1.80 m – 5.00 BGN
  2. For pallets weighing less than 300kg and whose height doesn’t reach more than 1.0 m- 2.50 BGN

Return Pallet

This service is offered to customers who use their own pallets and want to have them returned. There are two ways by which the pallets can be returned to the customer:


  1. Immediate return.

 If the customer is shipping to big chains that have free pallets, the return can be immediately accomplished right after the delivery like a return shipment with a prepared in advance by the customer way-bill for the return of the corresponding number of pallets.

In this case the price for the return is 3BGN.


  1. Subsequent return

In cases where the return of the pallets is not immediately possible, the customer has to make an online request for the return of pallets.

In this case the pruce for the return is 4 BGN.



These prices are excluding VAT