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What are the domestic services offered by In Time?


In Bulgaria we offer:

  • Standard Saving – a service with longer transit time and lower prices
  • Standard Express – priority service which covers the entire country
  • Express – service with a definite delivery time, available for  major cities
  • Super Express – same day delivery service between major cities.
  • Transport of pallets.
  • Transport of temperature sensitive shipments.

The services differ from each other in transit times and type of the shipments. This also determines the tariffs of the services. Transportation is ground.

 For more information please, contact our CSTC at 0700 1 8877 or send an inquiry by filling the e-form you could find at the first page of this site.

What additional services you offer?


To our domestic services we offer the following additional services:

  • Cash on Delivery (COD)
  • Back receipt
  • Address data processing
  • Electronic delivery report
  • Preparation and kitting of shipments
  • Warehousing

For more information please, contact our CSTC at 0700 1 8877 or send an inquiry by filling the

e-form you could find at the first page of this site.

What are the transit times?


The transit times depend on the delivery address and in some cases on the volume of the shipment. Please, make a detailed inquiry and we shall help you to choose from our services this one which better suits your needs.

For more information please, contact our CSTC at 0700 1 8877 or send an inquiry by filling the e-form you could find at the first page of this site.

How to calculate the chargeable weight?


The total actual weight of the shipment can be determined by any suitable scales.

     In transportation except the actual weight we use so called dimensional weight of the shipment which is being calculated by formula, composed by dimensions of the package (length, width, height).

IMPORTANT: Rates are based on the total actual weight or the total dimensional weight of all packages in the shipment, whichever is the greater.

How to calculate the dimensional weight?


You can calculate the dimensional weight of your shipment the following way:

1. Calculate the volume (V)

V = L x W x H


L = length in cm

W = width in cm

H = height in cm

All these dimensions must be rounded to the next full centimeter.

The total volume of the shipmen in cases, when it consists of more packages, is the sum of the volume of all packages in a shipment. 

 2. Calculate the dimensional weight

To calculate the dimensional weight, please divide the total Volume (V) by:

  • 6000 for domestic shipment

Then round the result to the next kilogram or half of kilogram

What is the difference between Shipment and Package?

Shipment means one or more packages sent from one sender to one receiver included into one waybill.

Multiple shipment means that the shipment consists of more than one packages.

IMPORTANT: Express envelopes can not be used as a packaging of multiple shipments. One envelope is considered as one shipment.

What types of shipments can be sent?


  • Documents in an envelope*
  • Documents in a pack*
  • Documents in another packaging
  • Other articles, goods and commodities which are not included in the list of  Prohibited items

*We provide envelopes and packs to our customers free of charge. The dimensions of the envelope are 240x335mm. It contains from 1 to 100 sheets A4 – there is no limit of the number of pages and has a special fixed price.

If you send only documents your shipment would be considered as document shipment.

What does Customer’s Account Number mean?

 Customer’s Account Number is being issued only to the companies, regular customers of In Time, which has signed a contract. Through this number they can use the special application of this site – My Intime.

For more information please, contact our “Sales and Marketing” department at 02/9609884, 02/9609439 or send an inquiry by filling the e-form you could find at the first page of this site.

Are there any limits and what they are?

 For our domestic service there are the following limits:

  • The maximum weight (actual weight) per package is 50kg
  • The maximum length per package is 270cm
  • The maximum size per package is 330cm in length and girth combined
  • The maximum value per shipment is  up to 25,000 BGN



The liability of In Time for incomplete or inaccurate execution of contract for domestic delivery service is limited.

For partially or entirely damaged, or lost during the transportation shipments In Time will only pay compensation for lossor damage of a package caused by our negligence and only up to a maximum of 15.00 BGN per shipment, subject (as in all cases) to proof of loss.

 You may obtain the benefit of a greater limit of liability by declaring a higher value for carriage of non-document shipment on the In Time shipping documentation and paying a corresponding additional charge. If you declare a higher value for carriage and pay the applicable charge, then In Time’s liability shall be limited to proven damages not exceeding the sum so declared.

IMPORTANT: The declared value for carriage of a shipment shall not in any event exceed 25,000 BGN

 Any claim against In Time must be notified to us in writing as soon as possible and no later than 14 days after the acceptance of the shipment for carriage by  In Time.

In Time shall not be considered liable:

  • For damages or destroying of a shipment due to an irresistible force
  • For damages due to inadequate packaging, wrongly declared commodity, or as a result from the nature of the goods being shipped.
  • In case the receiver did not claim damages upon the delivery of a shipment
  • For purely economic losses resulting from loss, damage or delay of a package or shipment, even if a value has been declared for carriage in respect of the relevant shipment.

How the shipments are protected?

 The security and inviolability in our Package centers are guaranteed by   alarm-monitoring system, 24 hours guard, video observation and control of the access.

We scan all packages in order to control their movement through the logistics systems.