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Easter inquiry results

In April our web site visitors answered the question "How do you congratulate your relatives for Easter?" Most of visitors call their relatives on the phone - 57%. 25% of the visitors send...

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Interview in Facilities Magazine

In Facilities Magazine you can read an interview with Nicholay Sivinov, Head of In Time Package Center. He talks about various aspects of his job as Fleet manager in a courier company. You will learn...

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In Time took part in `Buy and donate` campaign

In Time has joined the campaign "Buy and donate" organised by Rotaract Sofia - Sredets in favor of SOS Children's Villages. In Time has provided logistical support of the initiative - packaging,...

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In Time has signed the European Road Safety Charter

Today at a ceremony held in Sofia Hall of Grand Hotel Sofia in the presence of the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Mr. Alexander Tsvetkov, Ms Dora Krumova from the European...

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New In Time Ltd bulletin

You can download it here ...

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New eco activity of In Time Ltd

In Тime Ltd. has signed a long term contract with the companies 'Nuba Recycling' AD and 'IUEOO recycling' AD for utilization of used batteries and old office equipment. The companies...

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New In Time Empolyee: Oggie, special assignment courier

Meet our new employee Oggie - Ognyan Zmeev Goryaninov! He is fire-breathing dragon. He was born in a far-far away. He is practicing aerobatics. Oggie was appointed as employee of the company at 03.01.2011....

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Inquiry results

In February and March our site visitors gave their views on the question "What green initiative in your opinion is suitable for Intime Ltd?. Here are the poll results: First, with 31% of the responses,...

more » visitors think 2011 will be successful year

Over 60% of visitors believe that 2011 will be more successful than 2010. The biggest optimists who believe that the year will be much more successful were 32.3% of respondents of the survey....

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Intime joined the European Road Safety Chart

Today In Time Ltd received an answer from the Transport and Mobility Direction in the European Commission. The EU Commission confirms commitment of the company to the European Road Safety Chart. The...

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