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UPS - United Parcel Service of America, Inc
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UPS - United Parcel Service of America, Inc

As an authorized subcontractor of United Parcel Services in Bulgaria, InTime Ltd. is also performing international courier services. On board of 316 charter and 266 more planes, property of UPS, Your personal and business correspondence,samples, catalogs, spare parts, machinery and equipment, books, pieces of art are delivered to their destinations in more than 200 countries and territories over the world.

North American-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce (NABCC)

North American-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce (NABCC) was established in 1998. NABCC is a non-profit California registered corporation.
The Organization has offices in San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, and Washington D.C. responsible for the operation at the East Coast of the United States, in Toronto, responsible for the territory of Canada, representative office in Mexico D. F., Mexico and registered branch in Bulgaria with main office in Sofia and office in Plovdiv. Our Organization was created on the premise that a private coordinating body is needed to facilitate the establishment of new and strengthen existing relations between companies, organizations and institutions from the United States, Canada, and Mexico with Bulgaria.