Transportation Of Pallet Shipments

In compliance with the standards adopted by IN TIME, pallets are shipments transported on a transport pallet, which according to their size are of two types:

  •  “EUROPALLET” – a consignment transported on a standard transport pallet measuring 80 cm wide by 120 cm long.
  • “NON-STANDARD PALLET”– a consignment transported on a non-standard pallet (grill) with dimensions up to 120 cm wide by 120 cm long.

Discount “Office”

For shipments handed over for transportation to an In Time office in the country and / or addressed to an In Time office in the country, a 10% discount is provided from the prices in the Tariff for delivery of pallet shipments.

Note: The discount does not apply to additional fees, additional services and in combination with other discounts.

Limitations on pallet shipment’s size and weight

The total weight of a pallet shipment (including pallet / grill) may not exceed 1000 kg.

 The total height of a pallet shipment (including pallet / grill) may not exceed 180 cm.

The weight of the pallet shipments is their actual weight. Each pallet shipment should contain only one pallet.

Pallet shipments are picked up / accepted and delivered from / to the ground floor of the building where the address of the sender or receiver is. Loading and unloading activities for pallet shipments during pickup delivery and are responsibility of the shipper and the consignee, respectively.

The key factor for quality and on time delivery of your shipments is providing the correct and complete address of the receiver: name of the settlement to which the shipment is sent, its postal code, complete street address, floor and flat number, contact person and telephone number.

You can request a pickup all business days, using the form „Request a driver“ on our website, calling the national phone 0700 1 88 77 or a short number for easy access from mobile phones *9696.

An application for a visit by courier in the city of Sofia for the same day is submitted between 9:00 and 16:00. Applications and shipments received after 16:00 are accepted for processing the next day.

Some of our offices may have a different time limit for submitting a courier request for the same day. You can see the working hours and contact numbers of our offices in the country here.

If requested, we can provide to our customers access to our online module, where they can create waybills, request a pickup and get access to various reports.

To register in our customer platform, you can contact your sales representative or write to us at

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