Customs Representation and Brokerage Services

According to the Customs Act (CA), all goods arriving from countries outside the European Union are placed under customs supervision.

When the value of the contents of the shipment does not exceed BGN 30.00, you will not have to pay import duties and value added tax (VAT).

When the total value of the contents of the shipment exceeds BGN 30.00 but is up to the BGN equivalent of EUR 150, no duty is applied, but VAT is due.

When the total value of the contents in a shipment exceeds the BGN equivalent of EUR 150, both customs duty and VAT are due.

Any private person may receive his shipment after being customs cleared, as well as after the confirmed payment of customs duties and VAT (when required).

In case you want us to perform the customs formalities for you at the Customs Agency, you should provide us with the following documents:

1. Completed and signed power of attorney – POA (does not need to be notarized).

Download, fill in and sign the power of attorney, then send it to e-mail:

2. EORI number

You can get an EORI number for FREE at any customs office in Bulgaria.

It is issued once and can be used for all future shipments that are subject to customs clearance.

After receiving the EORI number, send it with the other documents to e-mail:

3. Accurate description in Bulgarian of the contents of the shipment.

It is necessary to be able to determine the correct harmonized tariff code in the customs declaration.

4. Confirmation of the order (order), received when buying the goods.

5. Copy of Pay Pal / Swift payment or payment order from the bank statement.

The fee for the Customs Representation and Brokerage services is BGN 54 VAT incl. and includes:

1.Preparation of cession / document for release of the shipment/ – BGN 18.00.

2.Preparation of customs declaration / EAD / – BGN 36.00.

After the customs declaration is prepared, the customs duties are calculated. You must pay them by bank transfer to the Customs Agency.

You will receive:

– the bank accounts of the Customs Agency necessary for the transfer of the amounts of customs duties and VAT.

– the bank account of In Time Ltd., necessary for the transfer of the fee for the Customs Representation and Brokerage services.


The shipments will be released within 10 business days after all the necessary documents described above have been provided!

After notifying the customer, the shipment is stored in a warehouse under customs control – free of charge within 5 business days. After this period, a charge of BGN 20 / day per shipment will be charged.

In case you decide to clear customs and release the shipment yourself, you must contact us at 07001 88 77 or * 9696 or notify us by email:

 If you choose to perform the customs formalities at Customs Agency by yourself, and then receive your shipment, you need the following documents:

Cession for the shipment – we will send it to you by driver or you can pick it up in our office. Upon receipt, you must pay the amount of BGN 18,00 VAT incl.

 – EORI number;

 – Prepared and certified with the stamp “Import allowed” by the Customs Agency customs declaration /EAD/.

You can also send us a copy of this declaration to

After submitting the certified customs declaration /EAD/ you will receive your shipment at the address announced by you or at our head office at 41, Nedelcho Bonchev Str., 1592 Sofia.

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