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Explosives and flammable substances and the devices that may be used to cause serious injury or pose a threat to the safety of the aircraft, including:

  • ammunition;
  • detonating capsules;
  • detonators and wicks;
  • mines, grenades and other explosive containers;
  • fireworks and other pyrotechnic devices;
  • smoke bombs and cartridges;
  • dynamite, gunpowder, and plastic explosives.

We would like to inform you that according to the current legal provisions and the internal rules of IN TIME Ltd., the placement of the following substances and items in domestic and international postal shipments is prohibited:

  • Narcotic, intoxicating, psychotropic and poisonous substances, anabolic steroids;
  • Weapons, parts of weapons, ammunition, pyrotechnic articles, explosives, flammable or other dangerous substances and items;
  • Items contradictory to the moral norms;
  • Articles and substances which, by their nature or packaging, pose or may pose a danger to the life or health of employees or other persons or animals, or may contaminate or damage other packages, equipment or vehicles;
  • Religious materials of sects and organizations banned or not registered in the country;
  • Movable cultural valuables, for which no permit or certificate has been issued;
  • Excise goods and tobacco waste, the holding, carrying, transportation, supply and sale of which are prohibited by the Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses Act;
  • Electronic Cigarettes / Vaping products that contain nicotin;
  • Coins, banknotes, currency , travel and other checks, debt securities, shares, bonds, certificates for company shares,share certificates, bills of exchange, savings books, prepaid credit cards, debit cards, paper documents or other means of payment entitlement, other securities, other transferable financial instruments, items of value to the sender, platinum, gold, silver, processed or unprocessed precious stones, real pearls, unique jewelry, antiques, works of art, unique items, ivory and products containing ivory, stamps, and other valuables;
  • Substances and articles with a class of hazard under the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) or other applicable legislation;
  • Perishable objects and substances, waste, plants, live or dead animals, materials for medical or biological research, human or animal remains, body parts or organs;
  • Substances and articles specified in international agreements, as well as articles, the import and distribution of which is prohibited in the country of destination, may not be transported;
  • Articles and substances that need to be transported at a certain temperature regime or for which there are special requirements for transport, storage, or delivery.

IMPORTANT! This list is not exhaustive. Not all items and substances can be shipped to all countries. For more information call  070018877 or contact your sales representative.

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