“STANDARD SAVER” – convenient service if you need a balance between speed and economy. your shipments will be delivered by the end of the second business day.

The day of pickup of the shipment is not considered when calculating the delivery time.

You could add to main delivery services one or more Additional Service options, offered by In Time.

Additional Services

*When choosing the services “Open and check” or “Open and test” IN TIME Ltd. is not responsible for any damages caused by opening, checking or testing the contents of the shipment.

The availability of services and the settlements for which they are offered, as well as the schedule for servicing the settlements can be found in the Tables with zones and schedules of servicing the settlements

Find the chargeable weight of your shipment.

Usually the determination of the total, actual weight of a shipment is done by a scale. In transportation, in addition to the actual is used also the “Dimensional weight”. It is calculated based on the dimensions of the package (width, length and height of the package, measured in centimeters).

Transportation costs are charged by the actual or dimensional weight, whichever is greater.

You can calculate the dimensional weight of your shipment as follows:

Multiply the length of the package by the width and height, all measured in centimeters. Round the result to the last centimeter and divide it by 6000. The result is the dimensional weight of the package in kilograms, rounded up to the next half or to the next whole kilogram.

Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) / 6000 = Dimensional Weight (kg)

When there are more than 1 package in a shipment (multiple packages) the sum of dimensional weights of all packages, calculated by the above-mentioned formula, rounded to next half or whole kilogram is the dimensional weight of your shipment.

Limitations on shipment’s size and weight

There are no limitations on the number of packages in a multi-package shipment. The maximum weight of a package should be maximum 50 kg (this limit may vary depending on the destination). The maximum length of the package is up to 270 cm. The maximum size of a package, calculated as length and girth combined is 330 cm (length – the longest side of the package or object; the girth is / 2 x Width / + / 2 x Height /).

The stated weight and size limits do not apply to pallet shipments.

Shipments weighing more than 20 kg are accepted and delivered from / to the ground floor of the building where the address of the sender or the recipient is. The sender or the recipient should provide assistance to the driver of IN TIME for loading and unloading.

Adequate packaging is essential for the successful transportation of your shipment.

The sender is responsible for the correct choice of packaging.

You can find our tips on how to pack your shipments properly here.

The key factor for quality and on time delivery of your shipments is providing the correct and complete address of the receiver: name of the settlement to which the shipment is sent, its postal code, complete street address, floor and flat number, contact person and telephone number.


You can request a pickup all business days, using the form „Request a driver“ on our website, calling the national phone 0700 1 88 77 or a short number for easy access from mobile phones *9696.

If requested, we can provide to our customers access to our online module My.intime.bg, where they can create waybills, request a pickup and get access to various reports.

To register in our customer platform, you can contact your sales representative or write to us at sales@intime.bg.

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